Trifilon BioLite® – Injection molding material


Trifilon BioLite® is a greener alternative to molded plastics from a leading Swedish biocomposite-maker. It blends polypropylene from responsible sources with industrial hemp fibers from Northern European farms. The blends are available in different ratios, currently from 10 to 30% fiber-fill. Trifilon delivers granulates that can be used in existing injection molding machines. Because of the natural strength of the hemp fibers and Trifilon’s fiber-refining technology, BioLite has excellent mechanical qualities and replaces pure-fossil plastics as well as mineral- or glass-reinforced plastics. Its light weight was one reason it was named a finalist in the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Solver competition.


The natural fiber in BioLite reduces CO2 footprint for production of molded plastic components by 34% at the very least. And it’s recyclable after use. Trifilon’s fiber processing allows for lighter colors than other biocomposites. BioLite can be colored using standard master-batching. Its plant fibers can be shown off if desired. And it achieves a number of surface finishes, matte or polished.

Key benefits:

  • Fully recyclable.
  • Bio-based and light material.
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fules.

Possible replacement to

Non-renewable feedstocks like petroleum derivatives, glass fiber, or chalk with plants that soak up carbon.

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