Dianix® Dry - CO2 dyeing process


Dyeing with supercritical carbon dioxide (CO dyeing) is a water-free coloration method. The increasing worldwide demand for textiles which are produced with minimal impact on the environment led to commercialization of these dyeing method. Next to the machinery manufacturer, the introduction of CO2 dyeing to the textile industry is driven and accelerated by retailers & brands.


The dissolving capacity of supercritical carbon dioxide corresponds to that of the less polar organic solvents. The suitability of disperse dyes for dyeing with supercritical CO2 is depending on following parameters: Solubility in CO2, Solubility speed, Saturation in CO2, Diffusion speed. Since impurities are unfavorable for the dyeing process with supercritical CO2, purified disperse dyes have to be used. 

Possible replacement to

Water based dyes

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Bernhard Knoche

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