Dyeing technology free from water and process chemicals


DyeCoo is the world’s first commercial supplier of water-free and process-chemical free-dyeing technology for textiles. The CO2-based dyeing process makes textile dyeing clean, sustainable, efficient and profitable. DyeCoo based in Weesp in the Netherlands has more than 15 years of experience in CO2 technology. With extensive knowledge in design and engineering of CO2 equipment, DyeCoo provides clean textile processing solutions on industrial scale. 


DyeCoo uses its patented technology to dye fabrics with CO2 instead of water. The technology uses CO2 (a by-product from the industry) as the dyeing medium, in a closed loop system. 95% of the CO2 is recycled in the machine for re-use. CO2 dyeing does not need process chemicals to dissolve dyes. When pressurized, CO2 becomes supercritical, a phase between a liquid and a gas, the CO2 has a high solvent power, allowing the dye to dissolve easily. The dyes are transported deeply into the fibre. The technology uses 100% pure dyes, with more than 98% uptake there is no waste.

No processing chemicals, no water, no waste and therefore no wastewater treatment is necessary. CO2 dyeing is a dry process with short batch cycles, efficient dye use and no waste water. All contributing to significant reduced operating cost.

Key features:

  • Zero water and zero waste.
  • Non-hazardous - does not contain any chemicals.
  • Lower process cost.

Possible replacement to

Conventional synthetic dyes, including azo dyes and acid dyes. Eliminates the use of all chemicals including heavy metals, solvents and acids.

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