Green Polyurethane™ - Zero Isocyanates, Zero VOC


Hybrid Coating Technologies has developed "Green Polyurethane™" -- a safer, hybrid polyurethane for use in composities, coatings, foam, adhesives and sealants. Instead of using isocyanates, which cause skin and breathing problems and workplace asthma, the technology uses a hardener that contains a patented biodegradable "Hydoxy Urethane Modifier." The technology is in production and currently being sold in the USA, South America and Europe. 


Green Polyurethane™ is the world’s first hybrid polyurethane – a combination of epoxy resins (some that have zero BPA/F) and amine-urethane hardeners used to manufacture composites, coatings, foam, adhesives and sealants without toxic isocyanates and VOCs. Green PolyurethaneTM is formed from a reaction between mixture of mono/polycyclic carbonate, epoxy oligomers and aliphatic or cycloaliphatic polyamines with primary amino groups. The result is a crosslinked polymer with β-hydroxyurethane groups of different structure.

Green PU is a substitute for conventional polyurethane that is hundreds of times less toxic, with superior urethane durabilty and exothermic properties while at the same time maintaining the excellent chemical and water resistance of an epoxy at comparable prices. Green Polyurethane™ has been thoroughly reviewed and recommended by regulatory agencies as a substitute for conventional polyurethane.

Practical implementation

Hardeners are being used my protective coatings manufacturers in Mexico, USA and France. Formulations for BPA/F free epoxy-urethane are being used for electrical potting in France.

Possible replacement to

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