MycoTEX is the worlds first compostable textile in combination with a 3D modelling technique to make personalised fashion without waste. Based on the biological life cycle we create garments that perfectly fit YOUR body, shape and style.


There are 7 billion people on this planet that all need to be clothed. Many of us enjoy fashion and trends, but the clothes that we get rid of are a big problem. For MycoTEX we went to the root of the problem.

MycoTEX creates sustainable fabric from mycelium, the roots of mushrooms. With our 3D modelling process we create garments of this new textile that perfectly fit your body without the need to cut and sew!

Our shorter supply chain eliminates the need for chemicals, pesticides, expensive farmland and it's seasonal influences. We reduce water usage by 99,5% compared to cotton and local production is reducing transport. We can produce on demand, only grow what we need and have no textile waste during the production phase (10-30%). And AFTER wearing, you can simply bury your garment in the ground and it will naturally decompose.

We have developed a series of prototypes and are working on mass customisation.

Right now, we are looking for partners that can upscale growing feedstock and production of garments and accessories. Our goal is to create a long-term collaboration in which we continue to work on materials and product development that can be implemented by our production partners.

Possible replacement to

Traditional textile materials such as cotton or fake leather without the requirement of chemicals, pesticides, heavy use of water and/or farmland. And traditional fabrication techniques such as spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing as our production process does not require these steps.

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