Safe, Natural & Sustainable Fragrances


SOZIO offers safe, natural and sustainable fragrances. These fragrances are certified Safer Choice. These fragrances can be used in several markets and type of products such as personal care, home fragrance, household and I&I products.


Sectors: Personal Care, Fine Fragrance, Houshold, Home Fragrance and I&I. 

Applications: Alcohol, Water, Creams, Lotions, Scrubs, Shower gels, Shampoo, Wipes, Cleaning agents, Desodorisants, Candles, Capillar sticks, Plastic and Paper.

The following fragrances: Citrus, Clean Linen, Cotton Breeze, Flower shop, Fruits & Petals, Green apple, Green floral, Green tea citrus, Lavender, Lavender vanilla, Melon apple, Mountain pine, Ocean breeze, Ocean mist, Orange, Peach, Sassafras, Spring meadow, Tropical medley, White blossom, Vibrant blooms, Lavender vanilla, Floral fruity, Lemon fresh, Sparkling orange etc. 

Possible replacement to

Synthetic, non-natural and/or hazardous fragrances.

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sceau-rose-gris .png
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