Waterline CI® – Corrosion Inhibitor

Waterline CI® is a phosphorous-free renewable organic corrosion inhibitor for use as a functional ingredient in water treatment formulations across multiple industrial applications.

Waterline CI is a new corrosion inhibitor for protection of carbon steel and other metallurgies in industrial and institutional cooling and process water systems. Waterline CI provides unparalleled protection across a wide array of cooling water conditions. Waterline CI forms a persistent, passivating film on steel surfaces, does not pose a fouling concern with calcium, and eliminates the need for phosphate stabilizing copolymers. Furthermore, Waterline CI is 100% free of phosphorus, zinc and molybdenum. Phosphorus-based treatment programs are problematic, costly and face increasing regulatory pressure. Waterline CI is a cost-effective replacement for phosphorous-dependent inhibitors.

Possible replacement to

Phosphorus based corrosion inhibition chemistry.

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